Bug-Out Binder

If you need to leave your home, knowing that you may not be able to return; have a Bug-Out Binder at the ready with all of your needed documents.  Here’s a brief checklist:

Identification Docs

License - Birth Certificate - Social Security Card - Passport - Marriage License - Emergency & Family Contact Info - Firearms CCW - Hunting Permit - Pet Records - Family photos - Diploma/Certifications - Resume - etc.

Financial Docs

Photocopies of your credit/debit cards - Account & Bank Contact Info - Deeds - Car Titles - Insurance docs - Wills

Medical Docs

Doctor Contact info - Medical Histories (include blood type) - List of Prescriptions & dosage - copies of Health Insurance Cards


Photos of valuables - Photos of your house - Firearm Serial Numbers & Proof of Ownership - Contracts - Rental Agreements - Appraisals of valuable items (like Jewelry)

Also, get a binder pencil case to put your photos and $100+ (mixed bills) in.

I have a few spreadsheets but, everyone has different docs so, I thought I’d just list some of the items that I have in my binder.